Sunday, February 27, 2011

dancing in the sky

     I took up a hobby awhile back, a bit unconventional and perhaps even a little childish. I was looking for something to do on a particularly sunny and windy day last summer. I considered taking a hike, or going on a bike ride when it struck me to fly a kite. I had not flown a kite for years and the idea sounded ridiculous but I figured it was worth a go. So my buddy and I stopped at a convenience shop and picked up a kite, and me being me decided to take it to the next level. Before leaving I picked up just over two miles of four pound test fishing line. Driving to a local park (laughing uncontrollably) I thought of how overly optimistic I was and although this kite may fly high it will never ever go out 2 miles.
     Next thing I knew, I had just emptied my first of two reels of fishing line which put me over a mile out. As time went by the kite went further and further out of sight, until it got to the point we had trouble seeing it through the clouds, not to mention it looked as big as the hole on a needle when it was all the way out. It was all worth it to see the expressions of the people walking by thinking we were pretending to fly a kite until we pointed it out to them. In the end, it was remarkable how high the kite flew. Every time I fly a kite I remember why I do it. There’s nothing like being outside in the summer flying a kite with a friend.

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